Hot Water Systems


Hot water, one of the luxuries of modern day living. Your hot water system is one of the most important appliances or fixture in your home or business. Without it, a large number of tasks we take for granted, like hot showers, baths, washing dishes, become difficult.

If you are having trouble with your existing hot water system, you need a professional you can count on to repair the problem quickly and economically. iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD has the experts you need. With our extensive industry knowledge and our local Brisbane professionals, we will get you back in hot water as soon as we can.


Sometimes a repair is just not warranted and if this is the case for your hot water system, our Brisbane hot water system expert can explain why your old hot water system should not be repaired, and discuss the options you have for your brand new system.


A solar hot water system is a hot water system that is connected to solar panels. These solar panels create energy by absorbing rays from the sun and converting these rays into energy that is able to warm the hot water in your home or office. With the amount of sunshine we receive in Brisbane, this is the perfect way to lower your water heating bills and enjoy your hot showers!

Your solar panels are normally installed on the roof of the premises, as this is where the sun’s rays are brightest and the maximum amount of energy can be absorbed. Solar hot water systems can be boosted by electricity to ensure that water is always warm even when our Brisbane sun deserts us.


Solar water heating has a number of benefits. Not only is this the best way to reduce your household or business energy costs, by harnessing the natural and renewable energy source we have in abundance in Brisbane to power your hot water system, but by doing this you also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.


Choosing to install a solar hot water system is a great idea if you wish to do something positive for the environment, and save yourself money. There are also government rebates available when you install solar hot water systems in your home – so you save even more

There are a wide range of solar hot water systems available, and as a growing market segment new models are constantly being released. Our iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD experts will give you all the options you have and discuss the right one for your specific property.

So, if you need a new hot water system, or your existing system is not functioning correctly, make sure you call our industry savvy Brisbane experts. Don’t trust your hot water system repair or replacement to anyone else, iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD have the experience, the reliability and the price to suit your project – regardless of the size.

We can install and repair a range of hot water systems such as:

  • Rheem
  • Dux
  • Vulcan
  • Everhot
  • Apricus
  • Solarhart
  • Thermann
  • Aquamax

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