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If your toilet, sink, tub or shower is draining slowly or not at all then you need a professional to fix it promptly and professionally.

iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, your Brisbane blocked drains specialist, has the resources and the expertise to clear your blocked drain quickly and professionally.

At iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, our plumbers are all experienced with all facets of plumbing,and understand the different things that can block your drain, and how to repair it. From invading tree roots down to a build-up of toothpaste residue or soap, our blocked drain specialists have the experience as well as the right equipment for the every job.

The large urban sprawl of Brisbane, means that there are always an awful lot of blocked drains that need clearing. So, make sure you call iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD and you will have your blocked drain fixed promptly and professionally.


A blocked drain can be caused by numerous things. We tend to not think too much about the things we flush or rinse away – out of sight, out of mind. However, too much toilet paper, sanitary napkins and pads, hair, soap, grease, toothpaste residue, food scraps, and suchlike can all cause us grief when our drain blocks simply refuses to empty. If your blockage has been caused by one of these items, it is usually a relatively ’easy fix’ for our blocked drain specialist.

If your blocked drain has been caused by something more drastic, such as invading tree roots, cracked or broken pipes or large build ups of oily or greasy material, then the fix can be a lot more difficult and time consuming.

The iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD blocked drain professionals service the greater Brisbane area, and have access to the right professional equipment for your drain blockage, and they will be able to repair the drain on the spot and have your house or commercial building operating correctly as quickly as possible.

Our blocked drain services include:
Blocked Toilets

We all know that horrible feeling, when you flush the toilet and the water rises right to the brim of the seat. Usually we wait with baited breath for it to subside. If it doesn’t – call the experts you can rely on. iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD will relieve your toilet woes fast!

Blocked Outside Drains

When you notice, probably during one of our heavy Brisbane deluges, that your outside drains are not taking water away from your patio or yard, make sure you call in an expert. Blocked drains in your yard can create serious problems with flooding and lead to water damage during the next deluge. We all know what the Brisbane storm season is like, and the last thing we want you to experience is any flooding! Let iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD clear your blocked drains to make sure that when you really need them to work, you can rely on them.

Blocked Household Drains

Blocked shower drains, blocked basin drains and blocked sink drains can quickly become a major issue if it isn’t fixed quickly and professionally. Don’t put up with a slow draining sink, tub or shower. iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD can be there quickly to clear any of the blocked drains and get your water running smoothly again.

If you have a quote from a competitor, make sure you call us as we will beat any comparable quote.

Don’t trust your blocked drains to anyone else, iPLUMB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD have the experience, the reliability and the price to suit your project – regardless of the size.

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